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Holbox Cruisers

The Scooter

Inspired by the Island of Holbox, we envisioned creating a product that would offer tourists a unique way to explore the island’s wonders. Our Adult Scooters are not just a mode of transportation; they are your passport to an unforgettable island adventure. Boasting a robust range of 30 miles on a single charge and a maximum speed of 20 MPH, these scooters are designed for explorers who yearn for freedom and fun. However, we encourage you to savor each moment and not rush through the beauty that Holbox has to offer.

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Holbox Cruisers

26" Electric Bike

Inspired by the captivating landscapes of the Island of Holbox, we introduce our 26" Electric Bike – your eco-friendly companion for discovering hidden island gems. Designed for comfort and performance, this bike offers a seamless and sustainable way to explore miles of picturesque terrains on a single charge.

Cruise leisurely along sandy shores, explore lush flora, and immerse in vibrant island culture, all while preserving the unique environment of Holbox. Our electric bike isn’t just a mode of transport; it’s your gateway to a spellbinding island experience. So, pedal into the unknown and let Holbox’s extraordinary allure enchant you – adventure awaits!

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Holbox Cruisers

20" Electric Bike

Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing landscapes of the Island of Holbox, we are excited to present our 20" Electric Bike – your compact, eco-friendly ally for uncovering the island's secluded treasures. Engineered for both comfort and efficiency, this bike provides a smooth and sustainable journey across the diverse terrains of Holbox, all on a single charge. Embark on a journey into the enchanting unknown, let the unique charm of Holbox bewitch your senses, and uncover the myriad of secrets this island paradise holds – your eco-conscious adventure on two wheels is ready to begin!

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